Friday, November 07, 2003

"Not impossible, but inevitable."

The Wachowskis should have left it alone. I love the first Matrix, but the sequels don't measure up to that one, and I think they're pointless. Remember all the questions that came up after the second movie? NONE of that is answered in the "conclusion" of the series. In fact, it leaves so much room for a sequel, Dooj already thought of the title for it: The Matrix Resurrection. I like it. It keeps with the whole "R" theme. Of course the directors and the producers have said this is the last one and there won't be any more sequels, but we'll see.

All that made it sound like I hated the movie, but that's not the case -- I loved the action scenes. The gunfight with Seraph near the beginning was pretty cool, reminiscent of the "lobby" scene from the first movie. The best part is the 20 minute scene of humans defending Zion against the sentinels with Gundam-wannabes (oh the irony). And the final fight between Neo and Agent Smith, well, I just have three words for that: Dragon. Ball. Z. (okay, two words and a letter) I would rate this higher than the second movie and below the first one.

In short, action good, story bad.

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