Friday, October 31, 2003

"You're not gonna forget me, are ya?"

What's with strangers calling you "sweetie?"

An old man walked limped into the store yesterday. (no, he's NOT the one that called me "sweetie") He had on a hat that said Iwo Jima Survivor. I would've been scared if his legs weren't thinner than mine. He approached the counter, looked around, then sat down on a chair. He motioned for me to come near him and said, "I can't stand too long. I have to sit." I approached him and he told me to sit next to him. "I can't look up at you. My neck hurts." He was interested in the new number portability program -- the new law that passed that lets you take a cell phone number from another company, say Verizon, and switch it with a new company, say Yourmom -- and we talked for quite a bit. Then (out of nowhere) he asked me if I was a christian. I said yes, and he said "congratulations." Then he asked me if I believed in prayer. I said of course, I can't be a christian and not believe in prayer. Then he proceeded to tell me a story about power of prayer. I'm not going to post it here, it wasn't that great anyway. He also told me how he was at Iwo Jima ("Oh really?") and how he was almost killed a few times, but God got him through it. But the most remarkable part was what he said after: "Don't hesitate to talk about God or prayer to people. I do that with strangers all the time. That's why I asked you if you were a christian."

Then he hobbled out. So random.

No sir, I'll never forget you.

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