Sunday, October 26, 2003

The Omega Man

Going to church, I got ash in my eyes every five seconds. It was hard to breathe, and my nose got all runny. And the color of the streets -- it seemed like we just got bombed. Kinda scary.

But kinda cool.

I played guitar for EM praise today. We didn't have much time to practice, and the beginning of the service was plagued with computer problems. We didn't have the EM laptop so we had to use the one from the jr high group, which was missing a few songs from our set. And the projecter didn't cooperate with us. I'm sure it was a huge distraction for the congregation, but it got better once everything was fixed. Adrian shared his song "More Than Words" during offering, which was nice. He's gonna be famous someday. Tim Hughes, Matt Redman... Adrian Lee.

Sung approached me after the service and asked me if I would be interested in helping out with EM praise, which surprised me. I guess with Adrian leaving FPC, he needs to fill the void. It's not necessarily joining a praise "team" per se because he wants to continue with having different people leading every Sunday, and he wants me to be one of them. He said he wants more people to try out, not just the same group of people. I told him I'll think about it. It's hard enough doing it for jr high. Unless Paul decides to take over. Ahem.

Dooj and I ruled the ping pong tables. Between him and me, we've seen Ping Pong about 38 times. It probably made a small difference.

I had to pay $50 for a phone that went missing few weeks ago. We still don't know what happened, but the crew is thinking that our regional manager stole it. He's a really shady guy, so I don't blame them. But I think it was just a computer error. The point is, I had to pay $50 because either (a) somebody is a thief, or (b) somebody messed up. Both choices, that somebody is not me. We're splitting the phone price between four of us, and unfortunately Eugene is in that group. He quit three weeks ago, and he still had to deal with this crap. Can you blame him for leaving?

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