Friday, October 24, 2003


Monday - quesadilla from Taco Mesa for lunch
Wednesday - chicken burrito from Rubio's for lunch
Thursday - carne asada burrito from El Camino Real for lunch

No more Mexican this week. Prease.

Adrian got a job at Best Buy. Mmm home theater system... NO! MUST RESIST! MUST SAVE UP!

Haven't jogged since Tuesday. My legs are still sore. I'm so out of shape.

I think I'll be moving to a new place by next year. I dunno if Adrian still wants to be my roommate, but if he doesn't, I'll still get a place by myself. My credit ain't so good, so I'm going to save up some money for a couple of months and see if I'll have enough for the deposits and all that.

Yeah, I gotta get out of here.

UPDATE: I want to meet this guy and shake his hand.

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