Sunday, October 19, 2003

"I know, Jerry. I was being ironical."

Max Payne 2 runs so damn nice on my comp. Correction: ran so damn nice on my comp. I started the game last night. I finished it this afternoon. Damn that's short. Still, it was a blast, uh, blasting guys in slow-mo in a beautiful ballet of bullets. HAHA. Dontcha love how people say "ballet of bullets" whenever they try to describe a cool shootout in a movie or a game? This all started with John Woo flicks. What the hell is "bullet ballet?" Which "clever" dude thought of that one?

What, you've never heard of it before? Maybe it's just me.

I stayed home today and rested. It was nice. I miss staying home and doing nothing. I used to do that everyday only three months ago, then I got a full time job. It's funny -- back then all I had was time, but I didn't have money to buy anything like games or DVD's. Now that I have a job, I can afford to get those things, yet I don't have time to enjoy them.

I can't stand living here anymore. I want out. NOW.

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