Saturday, October 18, 2003

HP down

I will not be going to church this week. I dunno, I guess I just want to rest. I asked Paul to do praise on Sunday. Denise called me on Thursday and asked me if I could lead praise Friday night since the youth group was going to the beach, and they needed someone to do it for the jr high kids. Thankfully Unfortunately, one of the employees didn't show up, so I couldn't leave early for church. Guess I'll be staying home this weekend.

With three new people at work, I've become the veteran. How funny is that? This much. I started only three months ago and now I'm training these girls (and a guy). That's just not right.

I finished Lullaby. Great book. You won't believe how it ends. How do people think up this kind of stuff? I wish I can come up with something as original.

The Wench made me draw a picture. So I did. Took me only three motherfreakin' hours. I forgot how much I used to enjoy drawing.

Here we go again.

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