Friday, September 12, 2003

To the Ends of the Earth

With Mark and the rest of EM gone for the weekend because of the retreat, I was "volunteered" to lead praise tonight for the youth group. I thought this was going to be my weekend off since Paul had "volunteered" to lead on Sunday, and I never have to worry about Fridays. I was given the news on Wednesday night, so I had basically two days to prepare. And even with those two days, I couldn't practice that much because of work.

Today I had "training for new hires" for about three hours, and after that I came home for a brief period to type out the powerpoint slides for tonight. I had to go back to work until seven, but thankfully Eugene let me go an hour early so I can go to church and set up. I was running around moving equipment, setting up the computer, and all that fun stuff -- talk about stress. I dunno why I was stressing out -- maybe because I haven't led praise for the youth group (by myself) in like... four years. And I didn't know what to expect -- how the kids would be, without all the instruments, without all the good equipment, without the backup singers -- just me and the guitar. I prayed for a bit before going up, which helped me calm down. And right after the first song -- "Breathe" -- my "fears" were gone. It was phenomenal. Kids were singing! No, praising! They were crying out, and it had barely even started. I didn't even have to look, I could hear it. In fact, I barely looked out like twice during the whole time. My eyes were closed -- and I praised right along with them.

God is so good.

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