Saturday, September 06, 2003

I am Jack's parrow.

Dustin wrote an interesting post today on his xanga about him not being gay. The best part is in the last two paragraphs, where he comes up with a theory-of-sorts on "being a Man". Most of his points are true, I think. The only point I disagree on is when he says that the "so called gay people" are really just men with high levels of femininity that openly accept it.

But Dustin, not all gay guys are feminine.

I will not be going to the EM retreat next week. There's some stuff going on at work and I can't take another weekend off. I already got my share of worship and "getting back to God" at the youth group retreat, so I think it'll be alright. Since I'm not going, I won't be needing the guitar amp (yet). So I'm going to build a new computer. I will be getting the parts in next week. Exciting stuff.

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