Sunday, August 03, 2003

"Have you been molested too?"

Few things to write about:

Praise and Prayer Night - Went well, I think. It's nice to witness people praising.

Lan Party (aka. LANstrosity) - We didn't get to play that much because the CS tournament went on for too long, but it was still fun. Thanks to Adrian who made it happen. It'll be even better next time.

Working after getting no sleep - Not fun, nor recommended. I looked like a zombie. Braaaaaaaaaaaaaain...

Reservoir Dogs - I just realized today that this movie is layered with homoerotic undertones. The scene after the opening credits -- with Mr. White and Mr. Orange -- it's just... strange. Makes me feel weird. I keep expecting them to kiss, like that time when Conan O'Brien and Triumph the Insult Comic Dog started making out after singing some Christmas song.

Living situation - I need to find a place really soon. So far, Brea seems to be the frontrunner.

The Dirties - Nice picture. I especially like the yellow glow around the hands. It's like they're filled with the Force or something -- either that or it's a sign of malaria (or dyspepsia).

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