Thursday, January 02, 2003

Paul: Battle Royale kicks ass. And not in a "man, that part when he shoots that girl with the uzi was cool" way. It's not an action movie. It's cool in a way Fight Club is cool. It's a social commentary. I dunno if you're into that stuff (I am), but this movie will definitely stay on your mind and make you think.

The EM retreat is tomorrow.
I was actually pretty excited about this retreat, until this week at least.
Why not anymore? Well, read the previous post. (1/1/2003)

Lot of people are coming, over 40 people.
Some unexpected ones too.

No paintball at retreat, dag nab it.


I gave Amy her CD today, hopefully she'll like it.
Apparently Julie wants one as well. You really want one? Tell me what you want on it.

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