Sunday, June 23, 2002

Note to no one: yesterday i went to go watch scooby stunk. it was alright for kids, but it stunk for me. they had this farting scene to get some laughs. i went w/ my cousin. it was her first movie. she was scared cuz it was a little loud, but she got used to it. then she was keep asking me when scooby doo was coming out cuz she didn't understand the previews...but she liked it pretty much. velma's really ugly, but she really is pretty, if you know what i mean. report cards came, and i didn't really care about the soccer game, but i really wanted them to win this time because when my mom came home, she wouldn't be mad at me for report cards if Korea won, and they did, and she wasn't that mad. but i went to go watch minority's report....sooooo good! but i knew i would have nightmares, and i did. oh man, i couldn't sleep. and i was scared. it's summer so junior's shedding and i dont' want her in the house, but i was scared. so i said to myself in my head, "if junior wakes up when i'm lowering the blind, she'll come in for this night." and i seriously did it as quietly as possible, but she woke up and i let her in. usually, if she REALLY can't come in, i have this small pillow and i hold it and pretend it's junior. but i kept thinking i was killing someone and i knew the future, and i tried to avoid it, but since i knew my future and was trying to avoid it, it made me kill that person...and the time was drawing so near! i was so scared..and my sister came home late, i was half awake...and i heard her walking, but it seemed like someone else, so i got up, like i was never sleeping. every time i was about to sleep, i heard weird noises. but my sister came next to me and stayed with me for a while. and there were these weird noises on my left click noises...and ever time i looked at it or listened reeeeaaaaaally hard, it went away. and then around my sister or laundry or my brother's room, there was a bumping sound, twice, and my sister and i both heard it...and i dunno..i was so scared. but it was a great movie. then i went to church on sunday....and went swimming in like 2 years! but i'm hungry but skinny. =)...but i will be eating pizza pretty soon =('s ok. pizza's good after you swim, but i'm gonna get in shape. and matt damon had nice shoulders, arms, and back. ah~.... i'm gonna buy ocean's 11 today...yay..if my dad lets me. and one more week of driver's ed! yay....and we have to find a prom hotel quick! and i must finish my book...and...junior is sad, and makes me sad...=(....ok..bye bye.

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