Sunday, June 23, 2002

"My life needs a rewind/erase button."

Back from the retreat.
It was okay, though I didn't really get much out of it.
One thing that stood out was the group activity that we did last night, before the evening service. We were divided into groups, and were given a word. Then we were supposed to redo a praise song using that given word as the theme, with hand motions. There were some really weird and random words given: asteroid, beastmaster, disco cowboy, fish tacos, and my favorite, booya. My group's word: antenna. (blame Steve on that one)

For your torture enjoyment, here are the lyrics to the song we did.
(note: this is for those who weren't at the retreat - we were supposed to watch the World Cup game between Spain and Korea on Friday night, but we had trouble with the TV, so we couldn't see it - this song is about that)

Antenna Holder (remake of "History Maker" by Delirious)

Is is true today
The game is on today
Cloudless skies will break
As the booties shake
Yes it's true, and we believe it
We're cheering for you (except me)

Channel 12 is down
Janet's full of frown
The antenna ain't cool
We all sit like fools
Yes it's true, and we believe it
We're cheering for you (again, not me)

I wanna be the antenna holder in this land
I wanna be the bringer of World Cup to this house
I'm gonna stand, I'm gonna hold the antenna on the roof
The antenna on the roof for you

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