Monday, June 17, 2002

IM's with Steve, who is 5 whole feet away:

BiGBoYChOi18 (9:57:20 PM): you want to go to jacuzzi?
DBones80 (9:57:36 PM): but it's so early
DBones80 (9:57:40 PM): it's ONLY 10
BiGBoYChOi18 (9:59:26 PM): hahaha still lets go
DBones80 (9:59:43 PM): quiet you beast
DBones80 (9:59:51 PM): i'm enjoying my german music
BiGBoYChOi18 (9:59:59 PM): haha
DBones80 (10:00:02 PM): mein leiben!
BiGBoYChOi18 (10:14:54 PM): jacuz?
BiGBoYChOi18 (10:15:07 PM): u dont feel like it?
DBones80 (10:15:09 PM): du.
DBones80 (10:15:12 PM): du hast.
DBones80 (10:15:15 PM): du hast meich.
DBones80 (10:15:23 PM): nein!
BiGBoYChOi18 (10:15:24 PM): do mai
BiGBoYChOi18 (10:15:26 PM): !
DBones80 (10:15:29 PM): NEIN!
BiGBoYChOi18 (10:18:34 PM): BOBA
DBones80 (10:18:43 PM): NEIN: german. def=hell no, unless some hot chick is gonna be there.
BiGBoYChOi18 (10:19:02 PM): do mai?
BiGBoYChOi18 (10:19:27 PM): uh...
BiGBoYChOi18 (10:19:31 PM): hot chicks?
BiGBoYChOi18 (10:19:43 PM): i kno hot men
DBones80 (10:19:51 PM): i know you do.
DBones80 (10:19:54 PM): you beast.
BiGBoYChOi18 (10:20:08 PM): i can make man friends fast
DBones80 (10:20:09 PM): i dont swing that way.
DBones80 (10:20:11 PM): the beast way.
BiGBoYChOi18 (10:20:22 PM): jacuz
BiGBoYChOi18 (10:20:25 PM): friends
DBones80 (10:20:32 PM): i dont need friends.
DBones80 (10:20:40 PM): ESPECIALLY man friends from jacuz

Friggin' beast.

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