Thursday, May 16, 2002

"With great power comes great ownage."

Okay, Uncle Ben didn't say that. But he would have if he had seen Yoda in Episode II.

Yoda 0wnz j00!

Adrian and I went to see it today. This morning in fact.
We went to the 11:45AM (!!) show. He wanted to see it early so we wouldn't have to wait in line. I thought it was going to be empty, but it was actually pretty packed. Most of the audience were "little families."

So how was it?
Well..... not that great. But not bad either. It was... okay.
Definitely better than Episode I. But still disappointing.
We both agreed it doesn't have anything on Lord of the Rings. That's OUR "Star Wars."

Jules: What am I, your jester? "Are you not entertained?!"
Sorry I didn't make you laugh this time. I'll try harder.
Also sorry about that jerk hitting on you outside your apartment. It must be tough dealing with all those guys everyday. But that's the price you pay for being YOU. Muhaha.

How come guys never have that problem?
I'd be flattered if a girl did that to me.
I think.
Okay, maybe not. Only if she was hot like Julie.

Dijonnaise: Hosting begins, uh.... when the store opens. I guess. I have orientation this Saturday, then I think training begins next week. I'm not looking forward to orientation. Sounds like it's just gonna be some casual meeting for all the new hires, introducing each other and yakking it up.
Definitely not my kind of thing.

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