Saturday, April 13, 2002

"Today is the worst day of my life!" - Dooj

Well the Clippers game was a bust.

First of all, John decided not to go for some reason, and we didn't know about it until just before we left for the game. So one person wasn't going, big deal. Well the thing is, he was supposed to pick up J. Lo, so now we had to go pick him up. And Denise showed up a little late (not much, but a little) so the day was already starting to look fantasmic.

So we left church (our meeting spot) at about 5:30, and went to pick up Jason in Irvine. We got there, Denise had to pee, and we passed the time by making fun of Patty's stain-filled pants. Oh, and I should note that me, Dooj, and J. Lo wore red shirts to represent the Creepers (as we like to call them), and we never planned it or anything. But Denise didn't catch on, so she looked quite the fool.

Then we finally started on our trek to LA at about 5:50. Fortunately, there was almost no traffic on the way, so we managed to get to the Staples Center in time, around 7:10. Although we did run into some trouble when Dooj wasn't paying attention and passed the exit, it just ended up to be a 10 minute detour.

After some searching, we found the box office, the place where you buy tickets. Then we went up and was told by the ticket guy that there were only $75 seats left. $75!!! Holy bejesus. So after some thinking (2 seconds), we decided there was nothing we could do, and left dejected. On the way to the parking lot, we saw some people getting in through the VIP entrance in the back of the arena. Lucky bastards.

There's always next season.

We ended up going to Birch Street in Brea: eating at Fat Burger, getting the wrong orders (I got "Elliot's" order, Dooj got "TJ", Denise got "Dennis", and Jason got wrong kind of fries), laughing at Dooj's yellow "stain" on his pants, laughing at his ingenious-yet-hilarious attempt at covering his "stain" by wearing his shirt on the front of his crotch like a waiter, and shopping at Tower Records.

Hmm, today was a day filled with stained pants.

Dooj complained that the day was a bust, 'cause we didn't get to see the Clippers and because of his "stain".
2 negatives equal a postive, I say.

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