Sunday, April 21, 2002

Freudian Slip

Just had a conversation with Grace:

(after a few minutes talking about the "Wedding of the Century")

Grace: What kind of wedding would you have?

Me: Uhh... I dunno. I never thought about it before.

Grace: Well you can think about it now. What kind?

Me: Uhm... it would be at a church I guess. And it would be small. Smaller than normal. I'll let my wife invite like 2 people.

Grace: Really? Just 2 people huh?

Me: Well not just 2 people. You know what I mean.

Grace: OK, so, small wedding.

Me: Yeah, and no reception.

Grace: No reception?

Me: Yeah, it would just be the wedding, then BAM, on to the funeral. Wait, I mean, the honeymoon.

Grace: (laughing hysterically) I can't believe you just said that! What a Freudian slip!

Me: Funeral, honeymoon... same thing. I guess now you know what I think of marriage.

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