Tuesday, April 16, 2002

"Boy, you got the shinning!"
"Oh you mean the SHINING."
"Shut up boy! You wanna get sued?!"

It's 12:05 AM.
The freakiest thing just happened.
Before I tell you anything, I must describe our apartment in order for you to understand what happened, since not everyone has been over at our place.
We have both of our computers out in the living room, facing away from our bedroom (and the bedroom door). So if we're on the computer, we can't see the bedroom.


Adrian was in the bedroom, with the door closed, reading or something.
I was listening to some Cowboy Bebop songs on my computer and reading an article on a website, when I saw a reflection of a figure on my monitor, walking by behind me. (the website I was on had a black background, so I was able to see it easily)
Of course I thought it was Adrian, getting something to eat or something.
There was no reason to think otherwise.
The figure looked exactly like him; the hair, the build, everything.
I continued reading the article, then after a few seconds, turned around and looked at the bedroom door.

It was closed.

At this point I'm thinking, wow, that was fast. Too fast.
Adrian couldn't have gone back into the bedroom that fast, without me hearing the door close or anything.

This is shady.

So I went in and saw Adrian on his bed, err matress, reading.

Hey, did you come out of the room just now?
Dude, I just saw a figure on my monitor. You sure you didn't come out?
"I didn't come out man."

At this point I'm freaking out.
I tell Adrian about what happened.
He says "the man" is back.
He says "I told you so."

I'm scared.
Where's my mommy when I need her, dammit!

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