Friday, February 20, 2015

Dan's Top 10 Movies of 2014

I had some big plans for this list for 2014, but I think I'll have to shelve it for now and wait for next time. I was too ambitious for my own good. The lesson here is:  never try.

On to the list.

10.  Favorite Allegory:  SNOWPIERCER

Moments to Savor:  Any scene with Tilda Swinton. Battle in darkness. The classroom.

Trendspotting:  badass action, Tilda Swinton is a chameleon

9.  Favorite Performance:  Brendan Gleeson in CALVARY

Moments to Savor:  The opening scene. The dialogue with the prisoner. The dialogue with the widow. The ending.

Trendspotting:  all you need is love, animal cruelty

8.  Favorite Action (American):  JOHN WICK

Moments to Savor:  The (few) scenes with the dog. "Oh." Home invasion. The Red Circle. That's how you do a drive-by.

Trendspotting:  badass action, "trashy" material done well, Lance Reddick classing up the joint, animal cruelty

7.  Favorite Marvel:  GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY

Moments to Savor:  Opening credits. The Jackson Pollock line. The prison escape. "We are Groot."

Trendspotting:  "trashy" material done well, killer soundtrack, prison isn't so bad


Moments to Savor:  Watch your fingers. The ski chase. The shootout. The ending.

Trendspotting:  Tilda Swinton is definitely a chameleon, prison isn't so bad, animal cruelty

5.  Favorite 80's Throwback:  THE GUEST

Moments to Savor:  Drinks for everyone. "I'm a friend of the family." The haunted maze. Anthonio. Thumbs up.

Trendspotting:  killer soundtrack, badass action, Lance Reddick classing up the joint

4.  Favorite Action (Foreign):  THE RAID 2

Moments to Savor:  prison yard brawl, the car chase, Hammer Girl, the kitchen fight

Trendspotting:  badass action, okay prison sucks

3.  Favorite Couple:  GONE GIRL

Moments to Savor:  The "cool girl" speech. The smirk. Amy's clues. Scenes with Desi. The final revelations.

Trendspotting:  marriage is hard you guys, "trashy" material done well, "He's in this?!" (Tyler Perry)

2.  Favorite Drama:  BOYHOOD

Moments to Savor:  "Life doesn't give you bumpers." Star Wars talk. Mom's breakdown. On to college.

Trendspotting:  kids grow up, killer soundtrack, marriage is hard you guys

1.  Favorite Film:  INTERSTELLAR

Moments to Savor:  Cornfield chase. Saying goodbye. "Those aren't mountains." Watching the video logs. The 5th dimension.

Trendspotting:  kids grow up, all you need is love, "He's in this?!" (Matt Damon)

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