Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I'm Jack Bauer

How do they get away with this stuff? I love you Japan, but you had me at "hentai."


Diana and I bought Disneyland passes on a whim, with no planning whatsoever.* We've gone three times in three weeks, all on weekdays. It was packed EVERY SINGLE TIME. Don't you people have stuff to do? Like work? Or taking care of your kids?**

We still haven't been to California Adventure though.


It's absolutely hilarious that on the same day that Diana received a very significant raise in her salary, I lost my job. Granted, it was a long time coming and I wasn't surprised at all. They told me they would contact me if they had something available at a different location. Now I can fully concentrate on my studies.

Right after I beat Diana's score in Bejeweled.

*That's the way we seem to operate 95% of the time.
**Yes, I'm impervious to hypocrisy.

oh I'm so clever, I'm so clever, I'm so clever

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