Sunday, June 21, 2009


It looks like the game LEFT4DEAD, done as a comedy. Looks funny, but can it top SHAUN OF THE DEAD?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

E3 2009: The Last Guardian

The third and final game from the Ico trilogy. It's going to be the best game ever.


NBA Finals Game 3:
What happened to Kobe after the awesome 1st half? 5 out of 10 from the charity stripe? Missed jumpers down the stretch? Turning the ball over trying to break the double team, then fumbling the pass from Gasol? At least help the man up, Kobe. He's your teammmate for Pau's sake.

Still, I did want Orlando to win this game because I want a competitive series. I didn't want no boring sweep. They can't shoot that well every game... can they?

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Hurt Feelings

I got hurt feelings, I got hurt feelings
I’m not gonna wear a ladies’ wetsuit, I’m a man!
I got hurt feelings, I got hurt feelings
Get me a small man’s wetsuit, please

random thoughts:
  • Why do joggers feel the need to acknowledge each other with a nod or a wave as they pass by? Is it like a mutual respect thing? "Yo, you like to run too? So awesome. [nod]" Yesterday, a man gave me a thumbs-up as he ran by me on Bastanchury. That's a little overboard, no?
  • Done with school until August. Work maybe one week every month. So much free time. Yet the days go by so damn fast. I get nothing done. When will you begin?
  • The wedding's less than 3 months away. Stressed? Hardly. Nervous? Not really. Cold feet? Not yet.
  • Lakers over Magic in 6. Dwight will have couple of monster games. Will Jameer coming back make a difference? Sure, but not enough. Lamar better show up.
  • This year's E3 is looking great so far. Metal Gear on the 360? Final Fantasy XIV (that's 14) is announced before XIII (that's 13) is even released? The next masterpiece from Fumito Ueda? Uncharted 2 looking amazing? Good stuff.
  • CHILDREN OF MEN is out on Blu-ray. Need it.
  • "He's not your fairytale." Ouch.

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