Movie Night #19

  • Synopsis: Oskar is a young boy who can't seem to shake off the local bullies, but all of that begins to change when a new neighbor moves in next door. After striking up an innocent friendship with his eccentric next-door neighbor, Oskar realizes that she is the vampire responsible for the recent rash of deaths around town. Despite the danger, however, Oskar's friendship with the girl ultimately takes precedence over his fear of her. (from
  • OMG, this looks so scary! I hate horror movies! I don't really consider this a horror film; although it is about a vampire and has elements of horror, it's more of a drama about childhood and friendship. And it's approximately 297 times better than TWILIGHT.
  • How can you say that when you haven't even seen it? You don't need to eat poop to know what it tastes like.
  • When: 3/14, 7:00PM

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