Friday, May 16, 2008

Days 5-8 in Korea

Day 5 (Tuesday)

Because of the rainy weather, we went to Hampyeong (instead of Yeosu) for the 2008 World Butterfly & Insect Expo. I wish I was kidding. The less said about this, the better.

Day 6 (Wednesday)

Started the day back in Daejeon. Mom wanted to go to Gyeongju, a city on the eastside of the country. It was apparently the ancient capital of the Silla Dynasty (one of the big three, but not a Celtic), thousands of years ago. Tourists love it.

We departed at 9:00AM and it took us about 3 hours to get there. We visited:

Gyeongju National Museum (mostly old, rusted jewelry and weapons on display),

Daereungwon (bunch of huge tombs clustered together),

and Bulguksa Temple.

Actually for the temple: we didn't get to go in, we only got to the entrance because my mom was too tired and cranky at that point (you have to climb a big hill to get to it). So we just took a picture at the entrance and left. Good times.

After the history lessons, we went down to Busan (another 2 hours) to meet up with my stepdad's old friend. More meat was consumed. Stayed at a motel there overnight.

Day 7 (Thursday)

Came back to Daejeon. Took 3 hours. One thing I like about Korea are the reststops. They have really clean restrooms*, pretty good food and snacks**, and pretty much anything else you'd need while traveling.

I decided I've done enough traveling for now and will be resting the next few days before I meet up with Grace on Sunday for the second half of my trip.

Day 8 (Friday)

That would be today. All I've been doing is eating, sleeping, PC'ing, and TV'ing***. On shuffle. Tomorrow should be the same.

*I mean REALLY clean. There's usually a janitor (always women, on my experience) working her ass off while guys nonchantly urinate on to stalls behind her. There are no paper towels, the restrooms usually have multiple hand dryers, which keep trash to a minimum.

**Goguma (sweet potato), jwipo (seasoned dried filefish), tteokbokki (cylinder-shaped rice cake)... the list goes on. All of my favorites from childhood. MMM.

***There are lots of shows that center around celebrities here. Usually talkshows and gameshows, and they're all I watch. I'm not sure why (maybe my repressed fobbiness), but I find these shows funnier and more hilarious than anything on American TV. I mean really, I have tears because I'm laughing so hard, on a daily basis.


  1. wow...all this travelling and how many hours it's taking is making me tired. sounds cool and the pictures are beautiful.

    i dunno if i'm gonna get to go to korea. :o( but have fun! and give liu-kang my love please!!!

  2. Please bring me back a butterfly and/or insect from the Expo. I would very much appreciate it.

  3. after reading about korea i am SO HUNGRY. and tired. did you get to meet jin jdsn? were the numbers still working?!

  4. sounds so fun daniel! so jealous!


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