Sunday, May 11, 2008

Days 2-4 in Korea


Woke up at 6:00AM. Had light breakfast and headed out to Daecheong Dam, which my stepdad kept referring to as "Hooba Ddem" (Hoover Dam). Wasn't too impressed, but walked around and took some pictures anyway.

Afterwards, my parents took me to some famous pork BBQ place about an hour away in the middle of nowhere in the countryside. I thought it was good, but they kept saying how bad the food had become and they'll never come back again.

Then we went over to my aunt's place in Daejeon. She owns a towel factory right next to her house, which she runs with her husband. For dinner she BBQ'd pork (more?!) for us. I conked out right after, which was about 7:00PM.


Woke up around 2:00AM. Checked email, went back to sleep.

Woke up around 6:30AM. My mom was up, and she made some weird pizza toast concoction for breakfast. Normally I wouldn't eat it, but I had to because it was her cooking. Plus I was really hungry.

The whole family went out to Sang Dang Presbyterian Church, which my aunt attends. The church was massive, probably the size of GKC or Sarang back in Fullerton. We attended the 3rd service of the day at 11:30. It was fully in Korean of course, so I barely understood what was going on. Something about obeying your mother. Zzz. Actually it was pretty cool listening to the Mother's Day sermon sitting next to my mom.

After service we took off to a sashimi restaurant. I'm not the biggest fan of sashimi but I ate the most out of everyone there. Something about being in this country is making me eat as much as Kobayashi.

Then headed back to my aunt's place, but we went the long way around to let the food digest. Ended up going to this recreated landmark filled with old-style houses and buildings from ancient Korean history. I forgot what it was called, but it was fascinating. There was even an art museum inside, with 3 exhibits focusing on the theme of the country. Outside of the area I had a hotdog (which is actually a corndog) and yeot from a seedy vendor. Fantastic.

Finally got back to my aunt's, where everyone napped. At 7:00PM we went back out and had seafood kalgooksu (noodles). Delicious. Said farewell (for now) to my aunt and her family and came back home to Mom's.


Woke up a little before 6:00AM to get ready for our mini-trip to see my other aunt in Gangjin, which is way south near the ocean. It took about 4 hours. She lives in the boonies with her American husband, who's in retirement. My uncle who lives in Gwangju was already there to meet us. My aunt made us bulgogi (beef) with homegrown sangchu (lettuce). Man, I'm eating way too much. After some talk and lots of eating, my uncle had to leave since he had a meeting to attend.

We'll be staying here over tonight, and leave for Yeosu tomorrow.

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  1. Dude, everybody who goes to Korea has such a good time with good food. What's up w/ my family?! The most interesting thing I did in Korea was kill a chicken for dinner!


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