Friday, May 09, 2008

Day 1 in Korea

More like "Day 1 in airplanes" amirite?

Spent 11 hours and a half on the first flight from LAX to Narita, Japan. Sat in the middle sandwiched between a Japanese businessman and a Korean student. Didn't speak much. Sat through NATIONAL TREASURE: BOOK OF SECRETS, DAN IN REAL LIFE, 27 DRESSES, and DAN IN REAL LIFE (they played it again, to provoke me to do horrible things to them, like singing "bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb-a bomb" a la Ben Stiller in MEET THE PARENTS). Fortunately for them, I was too tired at that point to even care.

Spent about an hour at the Narita airport looking around and killing time, waiting for our next flight. That airport is so much nicer than LAX... why is ours so ghetto?

Spent 3 hours on the flight from Narita to Incheon, Korea. That airport is even nicer than the one in Narita. When did Koreans get so fancy? My parents were there to greet me, so we shared a little dramatic moment. I parted ways with Grace, whom I will be reuniting with next week.

Spent another 3 hours on the car ride from Incheon to Daejeon, where my parents live. We got a little lost along the way, even though they had a brand new GPS system that had been purchased just 2 days ago. "We don't know how to use this thing, we're analog people in a digital world."

They live in one of those tall aparment structures, on the 11th floor. Even though it's small inside, I'm just thankful they have a normal bathroom with a toilet and shower intact, and also a computer (which I'm blogging from).

I'm hoping I can update this thing with some pictures later on. When I asked my mom if she had a camera, she pulled out a relic that somehow resembled a Canon. "I can't live like this Mom. I am a 21st century digital boy. I don't know how to live but I've got a lot of toys."

I'm off to see my aunt (Mom's youngest sister) who lives in the same city. 'Til next time.

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