Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Round 1, Fight!

This is the song that unlocks when you complete the career mode in Guitar Hero 3. Most people* can't even get through the intro (which is actually a keyboard, not guitar), let alone complete the whole song. This guy got 5 freakin' stars.


I went to the Brand New show at The Wiltern last Sunday night, and it was amazing. I was unaware (until about 2-3 weeks ago) that Thrice was opening for them. Thrice was awesome, of course. They played few songs from their new album, but most of their set was from The Artist in the Ambulance. They also played "Deadbolt", which was the highlight of their set.

But the reasonI went was to see Brand New... and they impressed the hell out of me. I had low expectations after watching some Youtube clips** of their shows, but they sound ridiculously good live. They went through all the songs (sans instrumentals) from The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me, and a lot of songs from Deja Entendu. I was a little surprised they didn't play anything from their first album -- Your Favorite Weapon; I guess they've outgrown that style of music. They were considered "emo" when that album came out, and they even sounded very similar to Taking Back Sunday***. That all changed with their second album, and even more with the third. Give them a try if you haven't, I highly recommend their latest album (The Devil and God).

Going to concerts always leave me with a bittersweet feeling afterwards. WHEN WILL WE GET TO PLAY SHOWS LIKE THAT?! DAMN YOU DREW!

*Including me.

**I blame cheap cell phones.

***Jesse Lacey, the lead singer of Brand New, used to be best friends with John Nolan, former guitarist for Taking Back Sunday (now lead singer of Straylight Run). Keywords: "used to", since Lacey's girlfriend at the time cheated on him with Nolan. They each wrote a song for their bands about this -- "There's No 'I' in Team" for Taking Back Sunday and "Seventy Times 7" for Brand New. Now this could all just be some crazy internet rumor for all I know, but I'd like to think this is actually true, because dammit, it's pretty awesome. Listen to those songs back to back. It beats Kanye vs. Fiddy anyday.

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