Thursday, May 10, 2007

Like Nipples On Batman

My last appointment today was a little old lady that had a problem with her computer not turning on. It was at least 7 years old. It was an IBM PC, with an Intel Celeron 533mhz processor with 64MB of RAM. It had Windows 98. I worked on it for 20 minutes. I called the office, they told me to give up - not worth the trouble of trying to fix such an ancient relic. I had to charge the lady $75. She gave me a $5 tip. Does that make any sense?

Check it out, it's Michael Bay's blog. You can see some high res pictures of the robots from the upcoming Transformers movie. I still don't like "teh ghey" flames on Optimus, but the others are looking pretty damn great. And if you read the post from 4/27/2007 (scroll down on his blog), he says that movie got the highest test screening scores in his career. Maybe it's actually good?

come one, come all, into 1984

1 comment:

  1. The little old lady story made me smile.

    I've been binging on Incubus lately.


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