Sunday, September 10, 2006

Master Po

I lol'd. True story.

There are some days when I really enjoy my job. Yesterday was not one. I hate all you whiny bitches that play WoW. I really do. Get a fuckin' life.

this room's not big enough for two


  1. saucy left leg!


  3. ok, despite the beginning sexism, that was pretty ridiculously funny. and by "true story." do you mean you lol'ed or that the short was a true story?'s hard to tell online. anywho...that was a pretty good korean accent. shooot...i can't even really do one.

    but yea...i'm glad you asked. that makes me smile. but, i still have to process and recall everything what pastor roy said and journal it, then i'll email it or let you know. :D it's good stuff...and it makes me happy you and liu-kang want to know. i have finals until wednesday, and hell week, but i HOPE to have it by the end of this week, but i shall let you know for sure. yay!

  4. rightuh leg is like man! A MAN! A MAN! :)

  5. Laugh Out Freakin' Loud.


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