Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Less Than Meets the Eye


That right there is Michael Bay's version of Optimus Prime. I have nothing against Bay - I like most of his movies actually - but this is ridiculous. My desire to see the movie lessens the more I find out about it. I guess I'll hold judgment until the thing actually comes out. Prove me wrong, Bay. Prove me wrong.

Unlike most Americans, I, of course, worked on Labor Day.

/thank Blizzard

One good thing came out of Labor Day, and that was the A-Z 90's weekend at KROQ. I throughly enjoyed listening to the radio and reminiscing about the good ol' jr high and high school days. I especially enjoyed all the SKA bands that are now extinct. I didn't enjoy the deejay bashing on those same bands though. Why play them if you don't like them? (No, it wasn't Stryker. He blows, but at least he never admits to hating the songs he plays. I forgot who it was.)

Why is it so hot?! It's September, for crying out loud.

and I will hang my head, hang my head low

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