Saturday, September 30, 2006

"Come on!"

I finally got a job interview, but with another Game Master position for a company in Irvine. I don't really want the job, but I'm gonna have to go with it if there aren't any other offers. Hmm, what if they read this and not hire me? I hear companies check the blogs of people before hiring. So creepy.

Started the second season of 24. So far so good. Why oh why is Palmer's wife back?! I get so mad at the women on this show, and not being a sexist, I'm just stating the facts - most of them are either retarded or evil. Kim needs to die. Palmer's wife needs to die. Nina needs to die. Jack's wife... died. YES. Oh noes, SPOILER!


What's with all the Scrubs love? I've seen few episodes, and yeah, kinda funny, but wasn't that impressed. So I'm getting Gracie to watch Arrested Development, which is 10 times funnier. Then she can spread the AD love. Then I can be all "Pfft. Kinda late to the party, dontcha think?" and be a douche. I'm good at that.


  1. i'm not on the scrubs wagon either but i can't say anything cause' i have the same attitude for house m.d. unethical and unmoral sarcasm plus vicadin addict doctor plus detective genre equals an addicting show.

  2. no, i don't want no scrubs. scrubs is a show that gets no love from me,,,,i'll stop.

  3. im not liking the vid.. -_-

    Dooj, I *heart* you~
    and like I've said,
    Cho-san, that's why you'd make a good cop!

    Steve Holt!

  5. Yes, the women on that show are terrible. Great actresses, but the characters they play ... I wanted to pull my hair out. Actually may have done so a few times. That is probably the one main thing I am not looking forward to when I revisit the series again ... putting up with ... =(::: I'm sad. I was looking up the release date for Season 5 and I was scrolling through the description and some bum decided to post spoilers. I'll tell you this. There sure are a lot of them, even by 24's standards. Hurry up and catch up so we can watch S6 when it comes out.


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