Saturday, September 30, 2006

"Come on!"

I finally got a job interview, but with another Game Master position for a company in Irvine. I don't really want the job, but I'm gonna have to go with it if there aren't any other offers. Hmm, what if they read this and not hire me? I hear companies check the blogs of people before hiring. So creepy.

Started the second season of 24. So far so good. Why oh why is Palmer's wife back?! I get so mad at the women on this show, and not being a sexist, I'm just stating the facts - most of them are either retarded or evil. Kim needs to die. Palmer's wife needs to die. Nina needs to die. Jack's wife... died. YES. Oh noes, SPOILER!


What's with all the Scrubs love? I've seen few episodes, and yeah, kinda funny, but wasn't that impressed. So I'm getting Gracie to watch Arrested Development, which is 10 times funnier. Then she can spread the AD love. Then I can be all "Pfft. Kinda late to the party, dontcha think?" and be a douche. I'm good at that.

Saturday, September 23, 2006


What a weird wedding that was. At least it was memorable.

I watched Jackass Number Two. I was either laughing or wincing at the grossness, the pain, and the stupidity that was displayed on the screen. I still can't believe these guys are still alive and Steve Irwin is dead.

On the way home from the movie, we passed by a van that had an issue with its horn, and was honking uncontrollably just like Little Miss Sunshine (it wasn't a VW though). Hilarious.

all things go, all things go

The Hoff

There's been rumors of a Knight Rider movie. TV to movie remakes haven't fared too well, but I wouldn't mind seeing a remake of Knight Rider, mostly in hopes of seeing more of this action:

Grace Kim is getting married. She's a year younger than me. I feel gross.

I like making mix tapes CDs for people. If you want one, just ask. Really nicely.

Job search update: Got an offer from another company to be a Game Master. /sigh At least this one has normal working hours (9AM - 6PM). I'm thinking about it.

'cause no one, no not no one, likes to be let down

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


I heart Weird Al. His schtick never gets old. (for me)

I feel so free! But I can't feel this way for too long...

Three-Disc Ultimate Collector's Set. ZOMG gimme now!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Sunday Bloody Sunday

I went to Banksy's show "Barely Legal" in L.A. and loved it.

He's the one who recently replaced 500 copies of Paris Hilton's album in stores through England, which some people actually bought without knowing they were altered:

And we saw this guy at the show:

He's really short.

Anyway the show lasts until Sunday, so go check it out if you get a chance. It's pretty damn awesome. He even had a live elephant painted! (as seen in that picture above) Tony Jaa would have been PISSED.

Oh yeah, almost forgot - I quit Blizzard. Yup, I'm a quitter.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Master Po

I lol'd. True story.

There are some days when I really enjoy my job. Yesterday was not one. I hate all you whiny bitches that play WoW. I really do. Get a fuckin' life.

this room's not big enough for two

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Less Than Meets the Eye


That right there is Michael Bay's version of Optimus Prime. I have nothing against Bay - I like most of his movies actually - but this is ridiculous. My desire to see the movie lessens the more I find out about it. I guess I'll hold judgment until the thing actually comes out. Prove me wrong, Bay. Prove me wrong.

Unlike most Americans, I, of course, worked on Labor Day.

/thank Blizzard

One good thing came out of Labor Day, and that was the A-Z 90's weekend at KROQ. I throughly enjoyed listening to the radio and reminiscing about the good ol' jr high and high school days. I especially enjoyed all the SKA bands that are now extinct. I didn't enjoy the deejay bashing on those same bands though. Why play them if you don't like them? (No, it wasn't Stryker. He blows, but at least he never admits to hating the songs he plays. I forgot who it was.)

Why is it so hot?! It's September, for crying out loud.

and I will hang my head, hang my head low

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