Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Heaven On Earth

And I wasn't there. Penny Arcade Expo 2006:

Maybe next year? Prz?


  1. that is a lot of people. where is it held? hELLOOOO DANIEL! i miss you!

  2. no no. not "people". that's an overwhelming number of GEEKS.

  3. wow... that's some party.... keke

  4. oh d-d-d-dear!!!
    your version of "heaven" makes me so scared. but i hooked up an entire computer by myself today. i was very proud!!! hehe. ok so mark had to help me make the mouse work, but dude - i had it under control. hehe.

  5. Minhee: Seattle

    DJ: You say that like you don't like geeks, when you actually have a huge GEEK fetish.

    Sansu: What party? I don't see no party. Unless there's one in your pants.

    Blanka (not Blanca): To quote Doojin's mom - "I so pride you."


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