White Ninja never fails me.

It actually rained a bit as I drove home from work. Lightning, too. Or perhaps I'm just a little doozy from all the caffeine intake. And BTW, I hate the smell of rain. Especially after a long dry spell.

So I got a 360. To answer your questions: (a) yes, it does rock. & (b) yes, it is flippin' sweet. Now I need a nice HD television to take full advantage of this beast. You hear that, Mark? I'm waiting for that plasma! Oh, and X-Box Live is the SHIZZNITIS. Get GRAW and play with me and Adrian.

So everybody knows about the damn CD we made as a gift for Grace, back in the days when she used to leave for third world countries every effin' semester. You probably shouldn't ask her if you can hear the CD. And you defintely shoudn't ask if you can borrow the CD. And you better not ask if she can burn you a copy. Her life is at stake.

how can we win when fools can be kings

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