Movie Night #10

For whatever reason, no one came to the previous one (except Sam, Doos and Solo, and Di of course). No biggie, you only missed MY FAVORITE MOVIE OF LAST YEAR. So I'm gonna put this up a little earlier than I usually do so you'll have plenty of time to clear up your schedules.

  • Synopsis: Lonely hit man Julian Noble and struggling salesman Danny Wright form an unexpected bond during a chance meeting in a Mexican bar. Six months later, when the self-proclaimed "facilitator of fatalities" turns up on the doorstep desperate for help, Danny and his wife are both horrified...but intrigued enough to oblige. 97mins. Rated R for "strong sexual content and language". (OH NOES!~ SEX!)
  • When & Where: Wednesday, July 12th. 8:00pm for the movie. Come earlier for Guitar Hero.
  • Who can come: Anyone. Except you have to be at least 17. Unless you bring a guardian. And no, I don't count.

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