Movie Night #8

  • FINALLY (hah) another movie night! But I've seen this already! Did you think that up yourself? Grats.
  • No, really. Why this movie? Honestly, this wasn't my first choice. But due to various reasons, I cannot obtain the movie I originally wanted to show. So I'm going with my backup. Forget the clunky story and dialogue, come for the cool action scenes.
  • Why not just wait until you can get that other movie? Normally I would. But now that I have a fulltime job, my Saturdays aren't so free anymore. So it could be a while before I can do another movie night again. Unless you guys don't mind coming over on weekdays. Like Wednesday. Or Thursday. After all, it is almost time for summer vacation for you kids.
  • Pfft. Screw it, I'm not coming. No, screw YOU.
  • Dude, I was kidding. Oh... so was I. Yeah. This Saturday at 8:00pm. Don't be late. Just follow the sounds of Guitar Hero if you can't find my place.

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