I am 8-bit

was awesome. The Wench already posted some pictures, so check them out. Here are some more that I liked:

Erik Siador - Metroid

Jim Rugg - Pro Wrestling

Buff Monster - Super Mario Bros.

Isaac Pierro - Luigi

Jim Emroca Flores - Mario vs. Donkey Kong

Joe Ledbetter - Double Dragon

Brandon Bird - TMNT

Brandon Bird - Harrison Ford and his Sega

Steve Purcell - Sam & Max Hit the Road

Lauren Crist - The Legend of Zelda, Mario, Mega Man
The captions say:
1. "Together we brought back the Triforce."
2. "I helped you get the girl."
3. "We conquered Dr. Wily!"
4. "Why can't I live in your world?"

Luke Chueh - Bubble Bobble
Di has this up already, but this is my absolute favorite piece so I'm putting it up too.

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