Move Night #4

I keed, I keed.

I'm amused to see that, as I suggested, we're replacing the word "gay" with "brokeback." (i.e. Johny's comment in my previous post) I think how we use the word "gay" as a substitute for "dumb" or "stupid" is kinda wrong, don't you think? "So replacing the word with a reference to a movie about gay cowboys isn't?" No, but it's funny. Yeah, I'm a prick.

Okay, so this was about the next movie night. The real movie will be...

  • I can't read Korean, what's it called? A Bittersweet Life.
  • What's it about? Copied and pasted from my 20 MOST ANTICIPATED FILMS OF 2006 list: A mob enforcer seeks revenge on his former employer when he's condemned to death over a misunderstanding (because of a girl, like always).
  • How original. It's not about the premise, it's about the execution. And it's a pretty cool action flick, which Koreans aren't really known for.
  • So it's violent? Yes. But no nudity or sex. I know how you get all embarrased over boobs but don't even flinch when a guy gets shot in the head.
  • How long is it? I have a short attention span. 120 minutes. That's two hours for you that are bad at math.
  • Will there be food? Uhm, sure.
  • Okay, I'm there. When is it? Saturday, January 28, 2006 at 8:00pm. Don't be late, you effin' Koreans.
  • Where do you live again? 2417 W Olive Ave. Mapquest it. Although I heard Google Maps is the best. True that, DOUBLE TRUE!

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