Oh Leally

I still haven't seen the new Harry Potter yet. It's not like I'm dying to see it; I'll probably wait for it to show at the dollar theater. Just Friends* on the other hand...

I asked Solomon to lead jr high praise until January. I'm only getting Fridays and Sundays off, and I actually want to use those days to rest, not busy myself at church (as selfish as that may sound). And in an ironic note, I was asked to lead praise for CM today because Alex and Soo had their new baby this week (Christian -- gee I wonder if he'll get teased at church). It was... I dunno, interesting. Kinda fun.

For all you church people** that are reading this, I won't be seeing you guys for a while. I'll probably be there at the Christmas service, but that'll probably be it until the second week of January, which is when my overnight shifts end and I go back to the regular schedule. Happy holidays, hope you guys have a good retreat, have fun, and try not to miss me too much.

'Cause I know you guys won't. Bastards.

*It should be widely known (now) that I have a man-crush on Ryan Reynolds. Unlike most sarcastic smartass jerks, he doesn't get on my nerves. In fact, it's quite the opposite.

**Not like anyone else does. I don't have any friends outside of church. Although, I am making some progress with some work people. When you spend eight hours every night with someone, you're gonna bond.

hey lush have fun, it's the weekend

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