Do Not Move

Aside from few miscellaneous items and boxes lying around my new room, I'm pretty much done moving in. It went smoothly thanks to Dij, Dooj, Mike Suh, Keisuke, Pablo, and his friend David. It's nice having my posters up again. I like having the computer so close to my bed -- I practically have no need for a chair, and I can fall asleep listening to mp3s on my headphones.

Now that I'm at a more "comfortable" place, I will be holding Movie Nights here periodically, showcasing cool movies that people may have not seen or heard of. Or just flicks that I like, no matter what people think. First one will be this Saturday. Stay tuned for more info.

This week I'm working Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Three of those days are 8-hour shifts. I hope my body can handle it.

I'm gonna smile and not get worried
I try but it shows

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