Friday, August 26, 2005


Spielberg was supposed to direct this movie, but passed on to something else (i.e. Abraham Lincoln biopic). I wonder if he would have actually made the movie in Japanese, or in English like the douchebag that replaced him. Yeah, I understand it's an American movie, adapted from an American novel, written by an American, made by an American studio, with an American director and film crew, and American investors (American $$$). But the movie is about Asians. It's filled with Asian actors (hallelujah!). I don't think there's anything "American" in the story. Why not put it in the native language? And the trailer (it's for Japanese audiences) has Japanese subtitles, which I find really funny and sad at the same time. Imagine watching Napoleon Dynamite dubbed in Russian, with English subtitles.

Doesn't it bother anyone else? Am I just being an ass?

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

By the Beard of Zeus

I've been out of touch with music these days. I don't know all the cool new bands. I haven't downloaded any music for about two months. Maybe I'm not "hip" anymore. (was I ever?) Maybe I'm just getting old. Or maybe I'm just playing too much WoW.

I finally applied (yet again) to Best Buy, after all the pestering from Paul and Grace. I finished it super fast because I was so used to filling it out. It's only my eighth time. I'm not crossing my fingers.

Speaking of Best Buy, they didn't have OLDBOY, which was released yesterday on DVD. Nor did Circuit City. Nor did the eight Targets in Fullerton. Eff you, Fullerton. Pho King. So I orderd it online, for less than $15 and for free shipping. Yeah, online shopping rocks. The only bad part is the waiting.

Tomorrow will be filled with: DVD watching (not OLDBOY), a hot shower, food, more job applicationing, and the Wench. Not necessarily in that order.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Tongue Twister

Heidi made this awesome shirt for me, with her newly learned stencil skills, which is all the rage these days among FPC girls.

The retreat was... interesting. That's all I'm gonna say.

I'm pretty sure I'll be taking the fall semester off. I plan to find a job as soon as possible and work my boney ass off and keep myself busy. Easier said than done, I know.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Feel Good Inc.

The Good:
The Angels kicked Red Sucks ass, 13 to 4. (Free wings at Hooters, baby!) We sat right behind the bullpen, and we saw Curt Schilling. He was only about 30 feet away. The coolest part was when this guy that was sitting in front of us taunted Schilling, "Curt, you suck!" He just turned, held out his left hand, and made a motion signifying a championship ring. Then he held out two fingers, like a peace sign. Yup, he has two world series rings.

The Bad:
I'm not looking forward to the youth group retreat at all. And it seems like I'm not alone; only the kids seem to be genuinely excited. I can't pin down exactly why, though. Maybe I just have too much to prepare. I'm in charge of the games, seminar on North Korea, and a small group. I haven't even begun preparing for that last one. Read what Adrian says about his youth camp. Now place the word "not" before every "excited" you see. That's me. Horrible.

The Ugly:
See last post.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005


I finally met with a counselor today, for the first time in years. He said - and I'm paraphrasing here, but the basic meaning and point is still there - USC=impossible, because my grades are the sucks and I'm too damn poor.

Way to kill my dreams, pal. And you wonder why I never go see them?

Don't kid yourself
And don't fool yourself

Episode 5: "/flex"

Been awhile since the last episode, hasn't it? I hit 50 today. It's not a big milestone like it is to hit 40 (mount!), but it does put me closer to the big 6 - 0. If you're rolling your eyes right now, just stop reading. No one's putting a gun to your head to read what I have to say. Sheesh.

This is me, before 50. Look at what a dork I was.

Now I am an ice-cold killing machine with a big stick.

This next pic has nothing to do with any of this. I just thought it was cool because we all had the same shield. No, we didn't call each other beforehand to plan it out. It was just a random group.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang

I'm really looking forward to this. Not because I'm a fan of Robert Downey Jr. Nor because I like Val Kilmer (I do, and I'm in the vast minority in thinking he was a better Batman than Michael Keaton). Nor because it looks fun (it does, but the trailer didn't exactly 'wow' me). No, I want to see it because it's written and directed by Shane Black. You don't know who he is? He wrote a little action flick called Lethal Weapon. And The Long Kiss Goodnight. So? Who cares - you're probably thinking. Yeah, well I don't really care about those movies either. But what's important is that this dude wrote one of the funniest and the most quotable films of all time called The Last Boy Scout. For that, I will be there the opening day. And I will buy the DVD. Or steal it.



Really really.


I realized that not many of you may have seen the unrecognized masterpiece that is The Last Boy Scout, so I'm going to put up some choice quotes from the movie to give ya a little taste. Oh, and just in case you're offended, the movie is rated R. Stop reading, kiddies.

Thug: Wrong place, wrong time. Nothing personal.
Joe: That's what you think. Last night I fucked your wife.
Thug: Oh you did, huh? How'd you know it was my wife?
Joe: She said her husband was a big pimp lookin' motherfucker with a hat.
Thug: Oh you're real cool, but you've got to take a bullet.
Joe: After fucking your wife, I'll take two.

Joe: This ain't no game, flash. Real guns, real bullets. It's dangerous.
Jimmy: Danger's my middle name.
Joe: Mine's Cornelius. You tell anybody, I'll kill you.

Jimmy: Hey man, you ever play ball? You've got a good build.
Joe: What are you, a fag?
Jimmy: No, I'm just trying to break the ice.
Joe: I like ice. Leave it the fuck alone.

You like? Then go to your nearest Blockbuster and rent this sucker. Now.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Boys Don't Cry

Word of the Day: testicular
example: "Hey, how's it going?" "Testicular."

Why is IT that the more time I have, the lazier I get?

Monday, August 01, 2005

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