Wednesday, February 09, 2005

"No reward is worth this."

It's only been a flippin' week? Seems like it's been years since I went online. The new house is hooked up with DSL downstairs, so I went and bought a wireless card and router, and now I'm back in black, baby.

I guess I'll update on some things.

New Home
So after that fiasco 2 weeks ago, I found a new place close by for $550/month. Yeah, it's expensive, but the room is pretty big and the lady that owns it is much nicer. I don't think I'll stay very long anyway. So I (re)packed and moved into the new place on Wednesday. Or was it Thursday? Doesn't matter. Steve came by, said he'd help, then about an hour later took off without doing a single thing. Awesome. There are two other guys that are renting rooms, but I never see them. I only hear them when they walk by the hallway outside my room. Oh yeah, the bad thing about this place is that I'm sharing the bathroom with those guys.

I started my new job last Friday. The work itself is pretty easy, but tiring nonetheless. I spent most of Friday getting trained. After work, I got a huge headache on the way to church and decided to just head home. I think it was because I was wearing my glasses all day. On Saturday I worked the night shift, which I never, ever want to do again. I was scheduled from 4:00pm to 11:45pm. I actually got out around 1:30am. Closing sucks, and I learned it the hard way. Cleaning and scrubbing the popcorn machine all night is not fun, no matter how high on butter you are. And the sweeping... oh the sweeping.

Last night my professor showed STAR WARS. I own the trilogy on VHS so I wasn't very excited. He did show the unedited laserdisc version that was released before Lucas started butchering his films and selling them off as "special editions." You know what the fanboys say about that?

"Lucas raped our childhood."

I'm serious. I think they're overreacting a tad, but I didn't grow up on STAR WARS like them (I watched them when I was in high school) so I can't really relate.


He showed it, I yawned. I wasn't impressed the first time I saw it, and I still wasn't impressed the fourth time. One note: that shot of Luke looking over the two suns setting while that music is playing... yeah that was awesome. I hope John Williams survives long enough to score one of my movies.

After the film, the professor mainly talked about how it changed the industry by being the first movie franchise, and especially its merchandising. Star Wars toys accounted for about a quarter of a billion dollars in a four-month-span in 1997. I was hoping he would talk more about the movie itself, how it pioneered the whole visual effects work in movies, you know, stuff like that. Alas, he talked on and on about merchandising.


And that's my cue.

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