I hate....

...how high my voice sounds after a night of practice.
...having to remove the barbell from my eyebrow for work.
...putting it back after work. It hurts like hell.
...how my hair looks right now.
...how my wireless connection comes and goes whenever it wants.
...how dirty my room is.
...how quickly I grow tired of games. Am I getting old?
...how sloppy I am when I eat. I need a crotch-bib.
...how the theater calls me on my day off to come in to work. Can I get some rest?
...Delores, one of the managers at work. She has a thick Spanish accent, so I can't understand a word she says. Then she gets really mad when I ask her to repeat what she said.
...having EM service in the big sanctuary. I prefer the youth group room.
...how my jaw hurts after chewing gum for a long time.
...cutting nails. God, why did you give me nails?!
...reality shows on TV.
...how my TV doesn't work here.
...morning wood.
...not having a car.
...sarcastic people. If that's not irony, I don't know what is.

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