Monday, February 28, 2005

Beverly Hills

I was chosen out of hundreds (thousands?) of people that applied to get a chance to be in Weezer's music video for their new upcoming single "Beverly Hills." They were shooting it today in Beverly Hills (duh), and Jeon and I were supposed to get there by 2pm.

We decided not to go.

I can't fully explain it here, but basically I was just not feeling comfortable about acting like a crazed fan (even though I am) with a bunch of strangers for several hours. Jeon felt the same way. She had even ditched work for it too. We decided to head to the beach instead. I'm sure few weeks from now, when the video airs on MTV, we'll be regretting our decision. But you know what, I can still say that I was cool enough to be chosen. That's all that matters.

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Take Me to Your Leader

Here's a little taste of the crap I have to deal with:

"That'll be $10.22."
"Wait, how much was that water?"
"$3.25?! (turns to her boyfriend) Are you that thirsty?"
"$3.25 for a bottle of water... you guys should be ashamed of yourselves!"
"Yes, as a matter of fact, I'm very ashamed of myself. But you know, there's nothing I can do about it. It's not like I set the prices myself."
"Hmph. (hands me $10.25) Keep the change. This is a total ripoff."

Also today, a rude customer threw a water bottle at a girl that works here because she thought it was too expensive. Now, what did that accomplish? Not a damn thing. Did she think somehow the girl would sympathize with her and give her a discount after being pegged in the head? Some people need to be strangled.

Do you wanna know why everything is so expensive when you go to a theater? Well, here it is. Let me hit you with some knowledge.

Usually when theaters sell tickets for movies (especially big movies like STAR WARS), that money goes straight back to the studio for that particular movie, at least for the first two weeks. The theater starts getting some of it, say 50%, and gets more and more as time goes by. But it doesn't stop there. The studios also get about half of what the theater makes from their consession stands (food). This also follows the pattern for the ticket money. Now you understand why they charge so much? But still, I understand the prices are ridiculous: $3.50 for a hotdog. $4.25 for nachos. $3.25 for a small drink (without refill). If I were a customer, I wouldn't buy anything. But hey, people still buy their damn popcorn and candy, then complain about it like bitches to the poor cashier that gets lousy $6.75 an hour to stand there, smile, and take their crap.

Now you know the truth. So shut up.

Thursday, February 24, 2005


I really liked CONSTANTINE. If Donny would let me, I'll send him a review for the EM Gazette. Afterall, it does deal with a man fighting demons for God. Wait, I already said I liked it, so what would be the point of the review?


I'm only scheduled to work two days this week, which is a bit odd. Maybe they're mad at me because I went $6 over in my cash register on my last shift. For those of you that have never worked with one, it basically means I had more money in the register than I was supposed to. Shouldn't they be thanking me? I made them more money for crying out loud!


Rock Lee, drunken fighter. I forgot who, but someone spoiled that for me long ago, so it's not a surprise now that I'm seeing it in the anime. Thanks, asshole.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

I hate.... high my voice sounds after a night of practice.
...having to remove the barbell from my eyebrow for work.
...putting it back after work. It hurts like hell. my hair looks right now. my wireless connection comes and goes whenever it wants. dirty my room is. quickly I grow tired of games. Am I getting old? sloppy I am when I eat. I need a crotch-bib. the theater calls me on my day off to come in to work. Can I get some rest?
...Delores, one of the managers at work. She has a thick Spanish accent, so I can't understand a word she says. Then she gets really mad when I ask her to repeat what she said.
...having EM service in the big sanctuary. I prefer the youth group room. my jaw hurts after chewing gum for a long time.
...cutting nails. God, why did you give me nails?!
...reality shows on TV. my TV doesn't work here.
...morning wood.
...not having a car.
...sarcastic people. If that's not irony, I don't know what is.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Coming to America


Check out those little icons at the bottom of the picture, in the credits. A hammer, a pair of scissors, a squid...


Saturday, February 19, 2005

My Name is Mud

Holy crap, Batman. It's raining HARD. I actually woke up in the middle of the night from the sound of thunder. I lay on my bed, startled, then six seconds later I got over it and went back to sleep.

Friday, February 18, 2005

The Green Beast

Lucky Brits.


So like I said, NARUTO has been licensed. But Dattebayo will still be subbing the new releases, so I don't have to wait two years to see new episodes on Cartoon Network. Speaking of which, Shikamaru kicked ass in 122.

And then Rock Lee appeared in the preview for 123.

I swear I almost teared up. MY BOY IS BACK!

Wednesday, February 16, 2005


NARUTO has been licensed. Just when it was getting really good too.


It ain't exactly ONG-BAK 2, but hey, it's got knees and elbows to the skull, and who doesn't love that? And look, he's wearing Chucks! How cute.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Geek Squad

I've been enjoying the latest story arc, with the genins going after Sasuke after his defection. It's strange, but am I the only one unimpressed with Naruto's fight against Kabuto? I've liked everyone else's fights (especially Neji), but I'm just not getting into which I guess should be the most important one. Granted, the fight has barely begun, but come on, it's the umpteenth time seeing that damn kage-bunshin. And he doesn't even use it correctly. He lets the clones attack Kabuto one by one when he can use all hundred (thousand?) of them to get a better result. At least his enemy seems interesting, in a creepy albino Wolverine-wannabe kind of way. I dunno, I guess I'm still bitter that my boy Rock Lee couldn't join their mission. All in due time...

I don't have cable in my room, nor do I have an antenna, so I haven't been watching any TV. Not that I really miss it; the only show I consistently watch is LOST, and I can download that on my computer (in HD no less). I really like how the mystery around the island keeps building, but they better start providing some answers real soon or they're gonna go the way of THE X-FILES, just going around in circles without any real resolution. I want my Hurley flashback!

I wish I can say I was cool enough to know about this band before every rock station started playing their song, "Hysteria," but I can't. All I know is, they're quickly becoming one of my favorite bands. Yeah, he sounds like Thom Yorke from Radiohead. Since when was that a bad thing?

Counter-Strike: Source
I dunno if it's because of my wireless connection, but I get some framerate hiccups now playing the game, which has lessened my shooting skills. Yeah, I'm gonna blame it on the "lag" like a newb.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force
As previously stated, my TV doesn't work, so thank the Lord I have all three DVD sets, or I would cry myself to sleep every night knowing I'm missing another episode. I've gone through to the second half of season two. There were actually few episodes I had not seen. My favorite so far is the episode where the spiky aliens steal cable. I wish I could do that.

This is a British show that was made by the guys behind SHAUN OF THE DEAD, before that movie was made. There are only 14 episodes in total, and I've seen just the first two, but I'm already placing it in my top five favorite shows of all time. It's basically a show about geeks made by geeks. Lots of movie, television, music, comics, games, and pop culture references abound. I've tried searching for a region free DVD set but they're nonexistant at the moment, so the only way to see the show is by downloading it off the net. Go seek it out, bitches.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Oh Baxter

So I went to pick up my new work schedule for the coming week and I found out that I have to work four days in a row: Friday (closing), Saturday (opening), Sunday (closing), and Monday (closing). That's insane.

I have an exam coming up next week in my "Media Aesthetics" class. The professor thankfully made us a study guide that covers four chapters. This after three weeks in? Sigh.

I know all this makes for boring reading, and I apologize. I don't really have much interesting stuff to write about these days, except for these small events of my life.

Wait, I just thought of something. I'm planning on writing a movie review for the EM Gazette pretty soon. That should be interesting. I dunno what movie yet, but I'm thinking MILLION DOLLAR BABY.

Well, I guess announcing about the review isn't as interesting as actually posting up the review.

What a boring entry.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

"No reward is worth this."

It's only been a flippin' week? Seems like it's been years since I went online. The new house is hooked up with DSL downstairs, so I went and bought a wireless card and router, and now I'm back in black, baby.

I guess I'll update on some things.

New Home
So after that fiasco 2 weeks ago, I found a new place close by for $550/month. Yeah, it's expensive, but the room is pretty big and the lady that owns it is much nicer. I don't think I'll stay very long anyway. So I (re)packed and moved into the new place on Wednesday. Or was it Thursday? Doesn't matter. Steve came by, said he'd help, then about an hour later took off without doing a single thing. Awesome. There are two other guys that are renting rooms, but I never see them. I only hear them when they walk by the hallway outside my room. Oh yeah, the bad thing about this place is that I'm sharing the bathroom with those guys.

I started my new job last Friday. The work itself is pretty easy, but tiring nonetheless. I spent most of Friday getting trained. After work, I got a huge headache on the way to church and decided to just head home. I think it was because I was wearing my glasses all day. On Saturday I worked the night shift, which I never, ever want to do again. I was scheduled from 4:00pm to 11:45pm. I actually got out around 1:30am. Closing sucks, and I learned it the hard way. Cleaning and scrubbing the popcorn machine all night is not fun, no matter how high on butter you are. And the sweeping... oh the sweeping.

Last night my professor showed STAR WARS. I own the trilogy on VHS so I wasn't very excited. He did show the unedited laserdisc version that was released before Lucas started butchering his films and selling them off as "special editions." You know what the fanboys say about that?

"Lucas raped our childhood."

I'm serious. I think they're overreacting a tad, but I didn't grow up on STAR WARS like them (I watched them when I was in high school) so I can't really relate.


He showed it, I yawned. I wasn't impressed the first time I saw it, and I still wasn't impressed the fourth time. One note: that shot of Luke looking over the two suns setting while that music is playing... yeah that was awesome. I hope John Williams survives long enough to score one of my movies.

After the film, the professor mainly talked about how it changed the industry by being the first movie franchise, and especially its merchandising. Star Wars toys accounted for about a quarter of a billion dollars in a four-month-span in 1997. I was hoping he would talk more about the movie itself, how it pioneered the whole visual effects work in movies, you know, stuff like that. Alas, he talked on and on about merchandising.


And that's my cue.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

"You're gonna need a bigger boat."

First day of class. "Contemporary Cinema."

First movie of the class. JAWS.

I remember Debbie saying she watched it in her first day of the same class last semester. I knew what it was the moment he said "first ever blockbuster."

I had not seen the movie in its entirety in a really long time, probably more than 10 years. Before showing the movie, Michael Moore (our instructor, not the director of propaganda documentaries) asked who had never watched the movie before. About eight students raised their hands. That same group would later on scream like little girls when Richard Dreyfuss finds a severed head inside a small boat. You know you've got a good movie when it can still scare the bejesus out of people 30 years after it was made.

Watching the movie as a film student, I realized just how awesome Spielberg was/is. Here he was, barely making his second theatrical picture, adapted from a nationally bestselling book, shooting on water (which is the most difficult place to shoot), going over budget (from 8 million to 10 million), going over the shooting deadline (from 55 days to 150 days), under tremendous pressure, and still learning on the job. And to make it even harder, Bruce, the damn mechanical shark wouldn't work.

So what does he do? He pulls a Hitchcock.

He edits the film and barely shows the shark until very late in the movie, which turned out to be far more effective and made it scarier. He turned a lemon into a lemonade. Not just any lemonade. The sweetest mother freakin' lemonade anyone has ever had up to that point in time.

And don't even get me started on that beach scene when that little boy gets eaten. The editing as people pass by Roy Scheider, the "forward tracking, zoom out" shot... wow. I salute you, Mr. Spielberg. You sir, are a genius.

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