Sunday, January 09, 2005

Yeah Boiiii

Quarter of a century. My, how the time flies. Will I survive another quarter? For humanity's sake, let's hope not.

On the surface, my life looks pretty bad right now. By this time last year, I had a well-paying job, had plenty of money in the bank, and was living pretty comfortably. I ate out all the time, saw all the movies I wanted to see, purchased games, DVDs, CDs, clothes, and anything else I wanted. But my spiritual life was at an all-time low. I was barely attending church, and even when I was there, I wasn't fully "there." I didn't read the Word. I didn't pray. All I did was work, work, and work. And when I was off from work, I sat around enjoying my stuff.

My life has made a radical change since then. I'm staying at a friend's house for the time being since I can't find another place to live; I can't find another place to live because I have no money; I have no money because I have no job; I have no job because no one is hiring me. I've been picky about which places to apply to, when I'm not really in a position to. And I can't stay here forever -- I've overstayed my welcome here long ago. I guess I just have to apply everywhere and just take anything that's available.

But even with all these things going on, my spiritual life has been pretty good. I've gotten more involved at church -- I teach bible study for the 7th grade boys (all 15 of them), and helping out with praise whenever the opportunity comes up. The latter has really exploded into a regular responsibility over the last couple of months. I got asked to fill in for the EM service a few times. Then out of nowhere I was put in charge of praise for the youth group retreat last month. Now I'm officially leading EM with Andy and Amy. God has been really pushing me toward serving Him through praise, but I didn't understand why. I don't really have any musical talents -- I think I'm fairly average on the guitar (even though I've been playing for over 8 years!) and singing. But I frequently receive encouragements from people regarding praise (i.e. my B.A.N. scrapbook) and I keep getting opportunities to lead. And I guess I'm better at praise than teaching, so there's that.

It's not all just about praise, though. I'm actually attentive in worship services. Yes, even the EM service. I think skipping a few lunches helped with that. I've also been reading the bible regularly, which has been awesome. And I love how all the sermons I've been hearing, the songs I've been singing, and the verses I've been reading frequently connect together. It's too much to write in detail, so I won't get into that. All I can say is that it's pretty damn cool.

So all things said and done, I'm doing okay. Sure, I've changed my major 83 times and I'm still attending a community college and I'm dirt poor and I'm skinnier than most Samalian kids, but that's okay. My Father's with me.

Thanks to everyone who made my 25th birthday a special one, even though I didn't really want (or expect) it to be.


  1. happy b-lated daniel~ sorry i couldn't give you a call to wish you a happy birthday like last year~ man! i totally thought today was the 9th! grr. anyway HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


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