Saturday, January 01, 2005


"Hey man."

Earlier tonight, J.Lo and I were caught by the Labor-Man and were ordered to take the trash out. Right as we were doing that, we heard THAT sentence uttered through the wall by the garbage bin. We took off not because we were scared, but because we didn't want to start off the new year by getting raped behind our church. Maybe on Valentine's Day, but definitely not New Year's Eve.

Just came back from the youth group retreat and I think it turned out better than I expected. There were some major issues preparing for it -- we had no guest speaker, Inky JDSN got really sick and wasn't able to participate, the weather was unforgiving, etc. Then a terrible tragedy occurred that affected one of my students and his family. But somehow we pulled through. My prayers go out to Mike, Joanne, and their mother.

Tonight was also Brothers Appreciation Night, which was also a lot better than I expected. Who knew Kristine was such a good actress? All the girls did an amazing job and I had fun. And Jeon... so hot with that 'stache. Oui oui.

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