Saturday, January 29, 2005


"You gonna do somethin', or are you just gonna stand there and bleed?"


Bunch of stuff happened since my last "real" post, so I'll fill it in for my loyal readers.

All three of them.

I got a job at a movie theater in Orange, near the Anaheim Stadium. I applied online, which consisted of a quiz that asked a barrage of annoying questions to figure out my "personality," very similar to the one used by Best Buy. Speaking of Best Buy, I've applied to that store about four times and I never got a call back. Needless to say, I wasn't feeling too good about this quiz. But I did get a call back from the theater the next day, and I went in for the interview earlier today. Right from the start, Bob, the manager that interviewed me, told me I scored "very high" on the quiz. Muhaha. The interview itself went pretty smoothly and they hired me on the spot (which, according to the interviewer, doesn't happen too often -- they usually go through all the interviews with the applicants first, then call back the ones that they think are the "best") I'm not sure what I'll be doing exactly. There are two positions that everyone starts on: the concession stand (food) or the "floor" guy (checking tickets, cleaning). I'll probably start training next week, as soon as I finish all the paperwork and hand them in. Finally, I have a job again.

I'll be moving to a new place tomorrow. Doojin's mom found a place nearby church, really close to James's house I believe. It's a house owned by a middle-age Korean man, and he's renting out a room in the back of the house. Yeah, I'm finally getting out of here. I'm truly grateful for Doojin and his family for taking me in and letting me stay so long. I'll never forget what they've done for me, and I'll pay them back in one form or another as soon as possible.

I've been leading praise for EM for the last two weeks, and honestly, it's been a struggle. I can't really put a finger on what's causing it. It could be the new team. It could be that I'm feeling pressure as a leader because I feel inadequate. It could be that I've been spoiled by doing praise with gifted and trained musicians, and now I'm feeling frustrated by having to "teach" the new members all over again. I dunno. It could be all those things I guess, or it could be a million other things. I'm just glad Andy will be taking over the next two weeks so I can take a break.

As I mentioned already, I'll be moving tomorrow, after church. Any help would be appreciated. I probably won't be online for quite awhile since I won't have any kind of Internet connection at the new place. No blog, no AIM, no emails. And my cell phone might get cut any day now. Ah, the exciting life of a struggling student. Isn't it great?

See you space cowboy...

Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Ninjas rule.

A VERY LONG ENGAGEMENT truly lived up to its title, but I liked it nonetheless. I dig that kind of storytelling. Miss Tautou, gimme a call sometime.

Monday, January 24, 2005


So my doppelganger seems to have made a pretty cool new flick called BRICK, which has been getting good reviews from Sundance. It's supposed to be film noir set in a modern day high school setting. The director used classic film noir elements and narrative conventions: extreme high and low angle shots, low-key lighting, a femme fatale, a crime boss, a detective, and witty dialogue straight out of 30's pulp novels. Sounds verrrrrrrrry interesting. I'll be checking out as soon as it's released and I'm sure The Wench wouldn't mind tagging along since she seems to have a thing for Levitt.

(The picture above is from his earlier movie, MANIC.)

Friday, January 21, 2005


Don't grow up too fast
And don't embrace the past
This life's too good to last
And I'm too young to care

I've found a new song for my movie after Wes Anderson stole my other one. If he steals this one too, I'm gonna hunt that mofo down and punch him in the ovaries.

What do you mean guys don't have those?

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Weed Out

Spring semester started today. It technically started yesterday but I don't have a Tuesday class for another two weeks.

"Introduction to Filmmaking."

I get all tingly knowing that I'm in a filmmaking class. Studying how to make MOVIES. You know, where you actually use old 16mm cameras and shoot stuff. Old school, man. I love it.

I'm thinking of dropping the class.

There are several reasons. There's a lot of money involved. I have to buy my own film for projects and also get them processed myself. And where is the closest processing place located? North Hollywood. Figures. Film is expensive -- about 20 bucks for one roll (100 feet) which is basically three minutes of shots. And it's another 20 bucks to get that roll processed. So if I make a short film thats runs 15 minutes, I'll be spending $100 to buy the film and another $100 to get them processed. That's not even including the gas money for the roundtrips to North Hollywood in my non-existant car. Also a lot of time and dedication is required for the three film projects, and I'll be working with three to four other students (strangers).

After hearing all that from the instructor, eight students dropped the class and left. Two of those were trying to add the class, then changed their minds. They all said the same thing: "I can't afford this class. Maybe next semester after I save up some money..."

I'm not sure why I didn't leave with them. Maybe I didn't want to look like a quitter. Maybe I thought something would work out for me. Maybe I needed to take some time to think about it before making a rash decision. For whatever reason, I stayed.

The class resumed. The instructor -- the same guy I had for "Intro to Boring Crap" -- did a short lecture, then demonstrated to us how to insert a roll of film into a camera. It was cool, but I didn't think it would be so complicated. Then he gave us our first assignment, due next week: bring a picture, drawing, or video segment that I find visually appealing and discuss. Sweet.

I'm going to try to find another class so I won't lose units -- my financial aid might get cancelled if I do. Can't let that happen. Won't let that happen.

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

"That pregnant slut is playing us like a cheap fiddle!"

Mother flippin' Wes Anderson. He beat me to it.

After discovering Sigur Ros several years ago, I promised, nay -- vowed I would use their song, "Staralfur" in a movie if I ever actually do make one. I watched LIFE AQUATIC tonight and what plays near the end of the movie? Yes, the damn song. I thought the movie would be funnier (from what I saw in the previews) but I still liked it. No one makes movies like Wes Anderson, so I'm glad he used it instead of some hack like McG for CHARLIE'S ANGELS 5: WIRE-FU THROTTLE.

Somebody give Bill Murray a flippin' Oscar already.

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Yeah Boiiii

Quarter of a century. My, how the time flies. Will I survive another quarter? For humanity's sake, let's hope not.

On the surface, my life looks pretty bad right now. By this time last year, I had a well-paying job, had plenty of money in the bank, and was living pretty comfortably. I ate out all the time, saw all the movies I wanted to see, purchased games, DVDs, CDs, clothes, and anything else I wanted. But my spiritual life was at an all-time low. I was barely attending church, and even when I was there, I wasn't fully "there." I didn't read the Word. I didn't pray. All I did was work, work, and work. And when I was off from work, I sat around enjoying my stuff.

My life has made a radical change since then. I'm staying at a friend's house for the time being since I can't find another place to live; I can't find another place to live because I have no money; I have no money because I have no job; I have no job because no one is hiring me. I've been picky about which places to apply to, when I'm not really in a position to. And I can't stay here forever -- I've overstayed my welcome here long ago. I guess I just have to apply everywhere and just take anything that's available.

But even with all these things going on, my spiritual life has been pretty good. I've gotten more involved at church -- I teach bible study for the 7th grade boys (all 15 of them), and helping out with praise whenever the opportunity comes up. The latter has really exploded into a regular responsibility over the last couple of months. I got asked to fill in for the EM service a few times. Then out of nowhere I was put in charge of praise for the youth group retreat last month. Now I'm officially leading EM with Andy and Amy. God has been really pushing me toward serving Him through praise, but I didn't understand why. I don't really have any musical talents -- I think I'm fairly average on the guitar (even though I've been playing for over 8 years!) and singing. But I frequently receive encouragements from people regarding praise (i.e. my B.A.N. scrapbook) and I keep getting opportunities to lead. And I guess I'm better at praise than teaching, so there's that.

It's not all just about praise, though. I'm actually attentive in worship services. Yes, even the EM service. I think skipping a few lunches helped with that. I've also been reading the bible regularly, which has been awesome. And I love how all the sermons I've been hearing, the songs I've been singing, and the verses I've been reading frequently connect together. It's too much to write in detail, so I won't get into that. All I can say is that it's pretty damn cool.

So all things said and done, I'm doing okay. Sure, I've changed my major 83 times and I'm still attending a community college and I'm dirt poor and I'm skinnier than most Samalian kids, but that's okay. My Father's with me.

Thanks to everyone who made my 25th birthday a special one, even though I didn't really want (or expect) it to be.

Thursday, January 06, 2005


"Hey there, are your parents home? Oh my god, did that hurt?" (points at my eyebrow)

Uh, not really.

"How long did it take for you to get that done?"

Like a second.

"Wow... hey is that your car over there?" (points at Doosuan's Lexus)

Uh, no.

"Yeah I was about to say..."


"So are your parents home?"


"Well do you know when they will be? Because I've got some quality products on sale here."

Around six or seven probably.

"Okay. Are you over 18?"

Uh, no.

"How old are you?"


"Okay then. Buh-bye."

She looked like Deb from NAPOLEON DYNAMITE rolling that huge bag around, except she was a lot older and trashier. She was probably a bum and those "quality products" could have been jars of her own feces or something. And that's the day I realized I could still pass as a teenager.

Saturday, January 01, 2005

You Are My Hope

Times are hard, times have changed, don't you say
But I keep holding on to You
It's hard to keep the faith alive day to day
Leaning on the strength I've found in You
You're the hope of all the earth

You are my hope
You are my strength
You're everything, everything I need
You are my hope
You are my life
You are my hope
You are my hope

Far beyond what I can see or comprehend
Etching Your eternity in me
Nations stream and angels sing "Jesus reigns"
And every knee bows down
You're the hope of all the earth

You are my hope
You are my strength
You're everything, everything I need
You are my hope
You are my life
You are my hope
You are my hope

Carry on and I sing of how
You love and I love You now
All the times that I start to sink
You come and rescue me

You are my hope
You are my hope
You are my hope
You are my hope

You are my hope
You are my strength
You're everything, everything I need
You are my hope
You are my life
You are my hope


"Hey man."

Earlier tonight, J.Lo and I were caught by the Labor-Man and were ordered to take the trash out. Right as we were doing that, we heard THAT sentence uttered through the wall by the garbage bin. We took off not because we were scared, but because we didn't want to start off the new year by getting raped behind our church. Maybe on Valentine's Day, but definitely not New Year's Eve.

Just came back from the youth group retreat and I think it turned out better than I expected. There were some major issues preparing for it -- we had no guest speaker, Inky JDSN got really sick and wasn't able to participate, the weather was unforgiving, etc. Then a terrible tragedy occurred that affected one of my students and his family. But somehow we pulled through. My prayers go out to Mike, Joanne, and their mother.

Tonight was also Brothers Appreciation Night, which was also a lot better than I expected. Who knew Kristine was such a good actress? All the girls did an amazing job and I had fun. And Jeon... so hot with that 'stache. Oui oui.

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