Thursday, October 14, 2004

Hidoi ame desu ne.

I'm digging the new opening for NARUTO. It reminds me a lot of the ending credits for GUNGRAVE; even the song is similar. The new ending is... meh.

Finally done with school for the week. I did horribly bad on the midterm for "Intro to Boring Crap," which isn't too surprising since I studied a grand total of zero hours for it. But we used scantrons, so maybe I guessed some answers right and maybe I'll get an okay score. In Japanese I had a chapter test and two writing quizzes. Next week I have a take-home-exam for "American Cinema" and a paper due.

The "girlfriend" has to go to a Korean concert at Hollywood Bowl with her family this weekend. I think Doojin's parents are going too. Just picturing her using those "clappers" and waving those "fans" in beat to the "music" among thousands of Koreans makes me bust out laughing.

I've been having strange dreams all week. I would like to know what they mean.


  1. I'm digging the Naruto Manga more than the Anime. It's more fast pace.

  2. that's not fair she gets to go and doojin's parents get to go while i don't!! boO! awww....

    Jung Ji Hoon (the hottest guy on earth) is going to be there! sniff*


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