Sunday, October 03, 2004

All About You

After about a week and a half, UPS called me to schedule a second interview. So I went. It started off with a tour of the facility, which was about an hour long. There were five other guys, and we got to witness what the job was actually like -- we saw a guy getting his ass kicked by about 200 boxes. After the tour was the interview itself. I had to wait about 20 minutes for my turn, and I was the second to the last one. It went pretty well, better than the first one for sure. At the end though, Jeff, the guy who interviewed me, handed me a card and told me to call him after thinking about whether I really wanted the job. He was concerned because at Cingular I was making so much more money, and he thought maybe I would be better off at another job. Now that I think about it, maybe that was just his polite way of saying "no, we don't want you." Ah well. I've decided to give it a week, and if I don't get calls from anywhere else, I'll call him back.

The young adults went on a trip to Mexico. I didn't go, of course. I ended up doing praise for EM today, though. Sung went to (where else) Boston to see (who else) his fiancee and asked me to fill in. I don't mind, as long as it doesn't happen too often. Once every couple of months or so seems fine by me. Anyway, it went well, I think. We just want to see EM get a little more into it, ya know? Why are they we so dead? But for one day, it was a little bit more alive than usual. Several people came up to complement our "team," which was nice. I would've never imagined SMN to take a liking to us, though. Good job Dooj, Pablo, Dusty, Doos, and Drew.

I jammed my left middle finger playing basketball. Don't be alarmed if I flip you off. It's probably not intentional.

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  1. FOLLOW UP TODAY!!! You retard, now's the time to let them know that you really want the job. You do not sit back on your butt and wait, because some guy is gonna want it more (and therefore will not be sitting on his butt). Call him today and say that you wanted them express your interest in the job again and was wondering what the status was on your application. Call now!

    Unless, of course, you really don't want the job.

    - Charlotte


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