Thursday, September 02, 2004


I went to take a nap at 6pm and ended up waking up at 7am. Nyquil, I love you.

My oldest aunt called me out of the blue and offered me a job at her mailbox store. So I went to Hungtington Beach to have a chat with her. It turned out that she just needs me for Saturdays only. And to get started on the job, I need to take a notary test. I don't even know what what the hell notary is. She tried to explain, but the combination of her English skills and my Korean skills failed to get through.

I stopped by my uncle's dance studio on the way home. He looked good, for a middle-aged ballroom dancer. We talked a little bit about school, jobs, and my damn car. I think the only reason I told him the truth about the car was that The Wench was there with me, and I couldn't lie. He seemed fairly supportive of the idea that I wanted to make movies for a living. I found out that he was a drummer when he was "young" and made a band with his friends. Hilarious. I'm glad there's a guy like him in our family because (a) everyone else is boring, and (b) it makes me look a little less like the odd black sheep.

I don't know what the future holds, but I'm pretty worried. Where am I going to be a month from now? It's a scary thought, but so far school and The Wench have done a good job of distracting me from it.

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  1. i wish someone else in my family made me look a little less like the "odd black sheep"....


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