Thursday, September 16, 2004

Butt Kicking for Goodness

So I was late for my "job interview" with UPS. I was supposed to be there by 4:00pm, but my Japanese class that usually ends at 3:30 actually went 'till 3:50 due to a quiz. The Wench drove like a maniac (even more than usual) but I was still late by about five minutes. About 30 people were there, and I was the only one late.

Off to an awesome start.

It wasn't actually an interview, but an information meeting. A worker went over the specifics of the job -- the pay, the hours, the benefits, blahblahblah. After about 10 minutes of that, she had us fill out a paper, which everyone already had in their hands. I had to ask her for one, and that's when she made me look like an ass by pointing out the fact that I was late. She said she shouldn't be giving the paper to me, but she did anyway. Give her a damn medal.

Several people left while everyone else filled their papers out. I guess they didn't want the job after hearing about it. Then we all had to go inside and talk to an interviewer. But that wasn't actually an interview either. When it was finally my turn (I was last, of course) I went in and was asked the following questions:
  1. "Are you currently working?" No.
  2. "Are you in school?" Yes.
  3. "How many units?" Nine.
  4. "When's your earliest class?" 9:00am.
  5. "Latest?" It ends around 3:30. (Except today!)
  6. "Is your schedule like this everyday?" No, on Mondays and Wednesdays I only have one class from 9:00 to 10:30.
  7. "Okay, can you come in at 1:00 on Monday for the interview?" Sure.

She was nice because she didn't make me look like an ass. See? That's all it takes. I'm not asking for much, people. Just don't make me look like an ass and you have my respect.

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