Sunday, August 15, 2004

"Dang it."

Sero's Wedding

It was nice. Sero cried a lot, but hey, she's happy that she's marrying Roy. Either that, or she's really sad that she's marrying Roy. It's anyone's guess. I couldn't stay for the reception because I had to be at church to help prepare for the...

Talent Show

It was fun as always. The bands were good. SWAB and God's Army got better. There was only one skit (GEEK) among the acts dominated by music, but it was really good. During the intermission, we showed the video we made on Monday to "advertise" the upcoming retreat, and it turned out really well. Dooj and I wrote it together as an homage to NAPOLEON DYNAMITE, which means we basically ripped it off. Much props to the youth group cabinet and Andy the cameraman/editor.

Oh and we did a song and it was okay.

Afterwards, we watched...


I hate mediocre movies. I like my movies very good or very bad, not in the middle, kinda like God; He wants people to be hot or cold in their faith, not lukewarm. Paul W. S. Anderson makes mediocre/lukewarm movies. Just check out this list. Only decent movie on there is EVENT HORIZON. Why are his movies mediocre? Because they're bad, but they have genuine cool things/moments. In AvP, there is a fight scene at the halfway point between an alien and a predator (sans the title) that flippin' rocked and ruled. But then there's the bullet-time face hugger. And he spends 45 minutes setting up the "story" with horrible dialogue and human characters that we don't care about. And then we get the "friendship" crap between the lead human character (female) and a predator. Idiot!

Here's a suggestion for you, Mr. Anderson. Don't make a sequel. But if you do, get rid of the humans in the first 20 minutes as "hosts" for the aliens. Rest of the movie -- bunch of aliens fighting bunch of predators. It is called ALIENS VS PREDATOR, is it not? Oh, and make it bloody and gory and rated R. None of this PG-13 crap.

And change your name. People might mistake you for this guy, who actually makes good movies.

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  1. Hey I just searched for Amelie on Blogger since I'm bored and it's 4 a.m. and saw we had a lot in common. I read your most recent entry and had to say, I just say Alien vs. Predator (.. and I haven't seen either of the original movies leading up to this one I guess? ..) and thought the human&Predator love was ridiculous. The best part about that movie was talking over it like we had our own Mystery Science Theatre action going on.. we got quite a few people sitting in front of us to laugh at our random comments :)


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